Thursday, August 4, 2016

Escape the summer heat in your own Pool...

The Summertime is here! Getting the Kids to the pool everyday should be no problem. Grap the bags, floats, cooler with lunch, sun block, towels, don't forget the bandaids, favorite toys and throw it all in the car. Four hours go by and the kids are beat at you need to lug all the stuff you brought and throw it back in the car except this time your help is half asleep dragging the towel...

Wouldn't it be easier to just open the back door? Pools are not only great for cooling off from the summer heat. The benefits are endless. 

Exercise. Swimming laps in the pool for just 30 minutes will save you hours at the gym running on a treadmill not to mention cardio endurance. We can get into cold water blood flow at another time... Your not stuck in one position and are able to stretch and unwind from your busy life while burning calories. 

Stress and Anxiety. The water can be very relaxing. Next time your under water, pay attention to the silence, it can be very peaceful. Taking the weight off of your bones and calmly treading water can be a big stress reliever. 

Family time. When designing your pool, we will keep family in mind and include waterfalls and deck jets, an outdoor kitchen area to dine and play games and if you want, a slide. At night your pool will really come to life with the use of colored lights and landscape lighting. Put the kids to sleep and have a romantic evening by the pool. 

Vacation at Home. Make your back yard an oasis. I have had customers tell me "you made my backyard look like a 5 star resort". Anything is possible. Give me pictures of things you liked on the islands or at the beach and we can incorporate those ideas into your design. 

I can go on and on about the benefits of pool ownership, especially with the equipment available these days, Your pool will almost take care of its self. Call NRC today and let's start designing the pool you have been dreaming of. 

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