Friday, January 15, 2016

Techo-Bloc Show

I'm at the Techo Bloc Showcase 2016 and this years product line is looking great! Techo Bloc has always had great pruducts with unique textures and styles but this year they are rolling out with products that are open doors to new possibilities in the world of outdoor living. If you have a patio in need of an update and do not want to completely start over, they have come up with an outdoor tile that can be mortared to an existing concrete slab. They are made for exterior installations and will not be dangerous when wet. They also added many different finishes on their original pavers. If you need a retaining wall but want a modern look. Check out the graphix wall. It acts as a retaining wall but has very cool look that is clean and adds a great elevation. The possibilities are endless with Techo Bloc. Now is the time to start planning that patio or outdoor living space. Call NRC Landscape Construction today to set up your free estimate and 3D design. Talk soon!

Nick with NRC