Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Firepit Season Is Upon Us...

Time to light up that firepit or outdoor fireplace! Before setting a blaze, remember to inspect your fireplace or firepit to make sure it is ready for action. Animals love to cozy up inside the chimneys and under piles of debris. Keep an eye out for nests and babies. Remember to always start your fires naturally. That means that throwing a bottle of gasoline on a pile of wood to start your fire is a no no. Its not only against the law, but it is also dangerous. The gas may be on the pile of wood but the fumes are settling to the bottom of the firepit. When they ignite... KABOOM! A firepit is designed to bring people together, not blow them away. Also, if you need gasoline to start a fire, that just means that the wood has not seasoned enough. If it does light it will produce a large amount of smoke and send your guests running. Wood that is properly seasoned will light with a couple of pieces of cardboard. You can use cedar shims or a starter log as well. I personally collect my junk mail threw out the year and use that. As long as it is dry it will do the job.

NRC Landscape Construction designs and installs very unique and functional fireplaces and firepits that are strategically placed on a patio or in a yard to funtion properly. If you plan on making your own this year, here are a couple of tips. Make sure you do your homework. The list of materials that can be used is short and must be able to withstand the heat. Natural stone is a material that is NOT on that list. Natural stone will pop and send very sharp, extremely hot shards flying across the yard and can cause serious injury. If you do use natural stone, make sure they are large boulders and keep plenty of distance between the fire and the stone. Of course you can always call us and have us build one for you. This way you can set a blaze and enjoy the night. Call NRC or email us at to set up an appointment for your firepit or outdoor fireplace today and enjoy it by the Holidays! 

Nick with NRC.


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